Thursday, July 29, 2010

always a step behind...

As usual, I'm always the last to get my hands on some of the good books.

I finally finished "Eat Pray Love" a few weeks ago. I read it on and off for a couple months, but overall I really enjoyed it. I could relate to some of her feelings and thoughts (not that i've ever been a 'lover' or divorced or married for that matter), but I really liked the way she wrote and explained herself, and of course all of the amazing place she went!! I'm not gonna lie though, I'm really just excited for the movie!

I've heard all of these great things about "The Hunger Games" series, and so when I got it for my birthday, I felt a bit inclined to read it. I'm happy to say that I am almost through "Catching Fire" and am completely enthralled!

So even though the whole world has been ready and waiting for book 3 to come out for ages, I'm just grateful I finally got to partake of the goodness... Better late than never, right?!

Monday, July 5, 2010

a quarter of a century and counting...

believe it or not, i made it to my 25th birthday and was ready to party! ha i'm usually anti birthday celebrations for myself, but for some reason i was looking forward to some summertime fun with friends and family... i think after a week and a half of surgery recovery/couch-time, i was in need of some happiness! so i braced myself, literally, and with the help of my wonderful parentals and friends, we had a joyful birthday bbq...

thanks to all of you who made my 25th birthday celebration a memorable one!!

much loves :)

wishes, wants, hopes, and dreams for year two-five...

i like to think that i'm a goal oriented person, so i've decided to list the things i want to accomplish during this year of my life... here goes nothing :)

25 goals for my 25th year...
1. make a new friend
2. go to 3 new temples
3. do something spontaneous
4. break a bad habit
5. travel to 5 new places
6. have a snowball fight
7. go to a "show"
8. make dinner at least once a week
9. find a new hobby
10. don't threaten to quit my job halfway through the season :)
11. be active in my ward
12. kiss in the rain
13. visit my sister in Virginia
14. do something i've never done
15. read the Book of Mormon
16. run a half-marathon
17. win an outdoor tournament!
18. attend the temple regularly
19. lose some weight... 25 lbs for my 25 years??
20. commit some players for 2011... this seems to be an issue at the moment :)
21. open my heart and not be scared or ashamed to share myself with others
22. find a "home" to live in
23. be more assertive and decisive
24. fall in love!
25. be happy with me :)

... game on!!

the end of another year... so long 24...

24 things learned/relearned during my 24th year... (in no particular order!)

1. there are no "little" things
2. being an adult isn't always fun
3. KNEEL to pray whenever possible
4. plan to be surprised
5. institute and scripture glue-in's are awesome!
6. my team makes me happy
7. i love having my little brother home
8. star gazing in Park City is heavensent
9. getting a mani/pedi makes me feel pretty
10. i need to be more sincere and show my true gratitude
11. i love america
12. someone is always in a worse situation, so be grateful and optimistic... i will always have to work on this one!
13. Jillian Michaels is legit!
14. utah is beautiful
15. patience is never fully learned
16. a head coach can make or break a team... Sam is incredible!
17. just when i think i have it all figured out, think again!
18. i NEVER EVER EVER want to tear my ACL again
19. my family is my everything and i can't wait to add to it and start my own family!
20. i thrive on being active and productive
21. no matter how much i hate being in the center of attention, having my friends and family serenade me with "happy birthday" is pretty sweet
22. i love sunshine and summertime
23. those who love me really do want to know my thoughts and feelings... i need to open up!
24. i have sooooo much to learn about love, life, and myself... here it goes for year 25!!