Thursday, January 14, 2010

R2D2... what?!

so i guess a great thing about blogging is that i can record all of my random thoughts and findings... this will come in handy considering i love to "people watch"!

i saw someone at school today with this backpack... and when i say school, i'm not at an elementary school, this is a university! it was completely out of the ordinary and just brought an instant grin to my face!

thank you random girl for making me chuckle today :)

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

simple pleasures of the day...

i love the little things in life, and i think that a lot of times i take them for granted. here's a list of few things from the past couple days that just make me smile!

- getting a disney song stuck in my head :)
- hanging out with my crazy girls during training
- having so many institute classes to choose from... bom 2 this semester ... ps. there's a whole other list for the "tender mercies" of the gospel
- cooking something new
- having the energy to run an extra mile or 2
- watching the office... it's on like every channel now
- my blessed roomie watching one of my cake shows with me
- being able to call my precious mother anytime... she puts up with a lot of randomness from me, and i'm very grateful for her!
- texting... instant communication!
-not having to scrape my window the past few mornings, that just is the perfect way to start a new day... and how about just having a car to drive, that's a great blessing!
- skype... i get to video chat with my favorite people for free!
- little jakey gets home from guatemala in 4 weeks!
- sleeping in til 7 am on a weekday! love it :)
- the majestic snow-covered mountains of utah
- coming home after a long day to clean kitchen!
- finding a parking spot when i'm totally late
... it's all about the little things, right?!
*and yes, i had "a whole new world" from aladdin stuck in my head one day, hence the picture... i heart disney!

Monday, January 11, 2010

they sealed the deal...

i was blessed with the great opportunity to attend my best friend's sealing this weekend! maegs married her sweetheart, christopher alme (a recent convert to the lds church) last may. on friday chris went through the temple, and on saturday, january 9th, chris and maegan were sealed for time and all eternity in the salt lake temple! i absolutely love going to the temple, but its even better when i get to go with people i love.

wedding day... take 2

gotta love the kissing pictures

the almes...
the start of an eternal family

yeah, maegan's gorgeous, and a bit crazy...
it was freezing outside!

i couldn't think of a better way to spend one of the first weekends of the year! congratulations maegs and chris! i love you guys ;)

Friday, January 8, 2010

So Long Sweet 2009...

Another year has come and gone, and apparently I need to make a resolution to be better at this whole blog thing! Life just seems to pass on by, not to mention, fall happens to be a "busy" time for me. Here are the highlights from the past oh, seven months...


home for grandma's birthday... four generations of girls

funness with the grandparents :)

picture time with Mylee...

one year older... 24
it was a great day of volleyball, friends, food, and yummy dessert :)


we celebrated the 4th with a trip to the airport to pick up our long lost kiwi, daniel!

the gang reunited for the summer... happy 4th :)

happy birthday daniel...
a typical summer celebration... outside all day long!

happy pioneer day!
another day spent outside... vb, soccer, bbq, friends, tree climbing... absolute funness!


mylee and kai poolside :)

enjoying some chocolatey goodness... time for another bath in the pool

if we weren't in the pool, we were playing some
kind of game or performing stupid human tricks...
thank you zach

my precious nephew

zach and kai post wrestle-mania

kiddies living the dream in the pool

malia, kai, and me just messing around...

there was some spiritualness whilst we were all together too...
tyler received the priesthood


miss maegan alme came for a visit and we got to play in an outdoor tourney in park city... i miss not having this girl around all the time and am grateful her hubby let her come play :)

a beautiful summer day playing volleyball in park city... does life get any better?

busing it around park city...
post volleyball we went to the art festival and saw some pretty crazy creations...

the X factor...

our last volleyball tourney for the summer... not the best conditions, but we finished with a bang!

quick 24 hours at home...

my favorite niece :)

everyone was home for our cousin's wedding (minus the missionary)
lanny's family
my wondeful grandparents... oh i just love them

the cousins all together

my summer ended with that quick trip to vegas, and volleyball season was already in full throttle! it was a very successful season, and we were fortunate to play some great teams at home (utah, oregon, usc, missouri, washington state) we got to travel all across the country, literally... south to texas, north to the dakotas, and east to chicago and nyc. on the way to chi-town, i got to make a recruiting stop in wisconsin where i got to catch up with kelsi, one of my former coaches. it was a great little adventure!

my first time in wisconsin

kelsi coaches at an all girl catholic college, so i got to see her new stomping grounds

i got to see their "ski resort" which consisted of a hill...
it made me appreciate the glorious mountains of utah even more!

lake michigan
the team in chicago

season ended in november with an upsetting loss in houston, but we pressed forward and looked onward to happier times, like CHRISTMAS! i do have to say that i'm grateful that volleyball is played in the fall because it is finished in time for all the good holidays :)

i got to go home for two weeks, and it was bliss! everyone (minus the missionary) was home for christmas, and it was perfect! i love my family and just being home!

guitar hero... kai rocked this game! he didn't play all the right notes necessarily,
but he had the talk down, would rock out, and even choose the song

kai stealing the life-savors
the "make-do" swimming attire for an evening in the hot tub

kai modeling in the hot tub
asher being his cute self...

mylee and ethan... ethan wasn't too fond of getting his picture taken

mylee and me on christmas eve

dad lovin him some turkey!

just messing around, waiting for lanny's family to get there

they got there just in time for the nativity... mary, joseph, and the crazy wise man

all together before santa got there...

isn't she gorgeous?!

it was an early morning in the koelliker home,
but christmas morning is so much better with kids around!

grandpa great and mylee loving it up on christmas

present of the year goes to the snuggie... so classic :)

it was so much fun having everyone together... i love my family!

we got to talk to our missionary too which was definitely a highlight!
he gets home on february 9th, and i can't wait!

well, that's the end of my 2009 in a nutshell. life is good and i constantly feel the blessings and comfort from my dear Father in Heaven.

bring on 2010 :)