Tuesday, May 31, 2011

girls' weekend extravaganza

best weekend of the summer :) you can check out Britt and Bekah's blogs for the day to day, or my facebook album entitled "girls just wanna have fun".

but seriously, it was so FUN to play with my girlies and get away from the stresses of life (since my life is so stressful... not :) i'm so grateful that they sacrificed a weekend away from their husbands and adorable kids to spend time with me in california.

my highlights were the late night girl talks... facials... getting ready together... sleeping in... packing ca adventures, the beach, deliciousness, and disneyland all in the same day... cuddling with britty... yogurtland... chronic taco... sunshine and waves on the beach... roadtriping it with britt and not even needing music cause we talked the whole 5 hours... newport temple... the giddyness of being at disneyland... umm just the pure awesomeness of everything!

here are the pics...

such a wonderful time... and yes bekah, probably the most pictures and best documented weekend i've had in a long time!


Tuesday, May 24, 2011


I had the greatest privilege to listen to this blessed song during spin class this morning. Nothing like listening to a bit of Coolio at 5 am! It brought an instant smile to my face and i've been singing it all day! Love it!

Gangsta's Paradise.


Tuesday, May 17, 2011

preparation purchases...

so girls weekend starts on friday and i'm so excited, i can't breathe! yay for beach time with the besties!! but i decided to take a little shopping trip in preparation for it which totally just adds to the excitement!

yes, i finally gave in and got some toms... cute huh?!

and i went a little funky and bought some new sunglasses. they're so different for me and i'm not sure what i think, but they were super cheap so i thought i'd be a bit daring. what do ya think?

Monday, May 16, 2011

capturing random moments of my life...

thought i'd share some pics of the past little while. pretty random, but good times :)

"this is the place" monument... i've been in utah for how long now and decided to finally venture out to some of the "must see" places. jess and i spent a saturday hitting up the sites.

ensign peak...

my parents went to the chruch history museum a few weeks ago and said there's a picture of Christ that looks like someone we know. this is what we found... Daniel Jones, perhaps?!

jessie poo lovin her some jcw milkshake!

triple layer cookies and cream crunch... need i say more :)

best time of day... getting ready for bed!
yeah, i look good... ha!

my new bed and bedding at home...
thanks jake and dad for picking it out! yes, i'm 5!

today at work... when the boss ain't happy, ain't nobody happy :)
and i have some serious bags under my eyes. time for a nap, i think!

happy monday!

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

near death experience...

on my run this morning, yes i actually ventured outside to enjoy the views and get some good mileage. well as i'm on my way home, i'm running on the sidewalk along these tall fences. i hear some scurrying behind the fence and am expecting to hear some barks. i keep trotting along and lit-trally, all of a sudden, a ginormous dog head comes lunging for me from over the fence. bless that fence for being too tall for him to jump, but seriously i thought he was going to rip my head off. naturally, i swerve and duck out of the way which takes me right onto the street... and of course there are cars there. thank heavens i didn't get hit or eaten, but i'm glad i could give some drivers a good laugh early in the morning with this crazy lady freaking out. yes, i'm a spaz and drama queen! and after the initial shock died down, i couldn't help but laugh at my idiot self all the way home!

this is a picture of what my canine attacker looked like... i'll be ready for him next time!