Tuesday, October 19, 2010

four months and counting...

four months ago (june 16, 2010) i had reconstruction surgery on my acl that i tore in an outdoor volleyball tournament on memorial day... not the way i wanted to spend my summer, and i seriously do not wish this upon anyone EVER!

... taken two days after surgery

... koelliker family gathering 5 weeks later... my best friend/enemy during the summer was that blasted brace!

now, four months later, after many hours of therapy, stretching, icing, strengthening, pain, sweat, and tears, and not a lot of patience on my end, i almost have full range of motion and strength... give me some more time and i'll get there!

... four months later and my knee is starting to look a bit normal... i don't mind the scars, but hopefully the swelling will go down eventually!

... the greatest blessing of being this far along in my recovery is that i get to be more active! this is a picture from the alumni match. no, i didn't get to play, but i did get to pepper and warm up and that in itself just warmed my heart!

it's true what they say that, "you don't know what you got til it's gone". like the simple things of getting out of bed or kneeling down for prayer, sitting on the toilet were all challenges at some point. i'm so grateful for the doctors and trainers who worked with me... my mom who waited during the surgery, gave me medicine, slept on my floor so she could get up with me in the middle of the night, helped me "shower", and still puts up with my complaints, she's the best!... my brother and dad who are worthy priesthood holders and used that sacred power to help heal and comfort me... my wonderful family and friends who's prayers, encouragement, and care helped get me through one of the hardest times in my life. i really cannot express the gratitude and love that i have for them... THANK YOU!

the worst is hopefully over and i still have a long way to go, but i'm so grateful that i am getting back into the swing of things. i feel very blessed for the smooth recovery thus far and the AWESOME people that are always there for me!