Wednesday, May 27, 2009

and summer begins...

Summer officially started for me two weeks ago with a trip to the great desert of Mesa, Arizona! My dear friend of the best, tied the knot, and as the maid of honor I just couldn’t pass up a week of fun!

wedding week began with fun on the lake…

Jessica and me battling it out on the tube.

My little friend Kaia and me livin' it up on the boat.

My first experience wakeboarding... CRAZY and not the best form!

the wedding day...
"i love weddings, drinks all around!"

After a relaxing morning and an early afternoon stop to QT, it was hair time for the bride! It looked so good, as you can see!

The hours of getting ready paid off... She looked absolutely stunning!

The Newly Weds... Christopher and Maegan Alme!

I got to steal a picture with Maegs post ceremony and pre reception (aka party!).

Jessica and me... we love the accent color feature on our cameras! Pretty sweet!

We got to dance the night away!
Yes I know it looks like my face is smashed up against a window.

I caught the bouquet!

day after wedding...
after dancing the night away, i said goodbye to Maegs which was totally surreal, and it was time for a sleep-over at Kayli's! we stayed up too late and woke up early for a perfect day at the lake!

On the road to Canyon Lake.

Playing on the boat.

Wakeboarding take 2... looks a bit better right?!

BIG HORN SHEEP!! We saw a herd just chillin on the mountain!

a quick stop in vegas...
i just figured, ya know, since i'm so close to vegas, i might as well spend a day at home! i'm so glad i did, cause i can't get enough of these little kids!

Mylee's soccer game!
I'll just say she hasn't figured out the whole competitive aggresion aspect of the game yet!

Mylee's #1 fan decided to take a little break on the ice chest.

This picture by Mylee captures the essence of summer... what an artistic photographer.

SUMMER 2009... bring it on!

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Step 1... Recognizing My Mistake

For so many years I've stood on my soap box and proclaimed to the world that blogging was solely for married people because life of marriage and kids was supposedly so much more entertaining and worthwhile than the life of a single wanderer… BUT as I have come to find, this lone nomad “gets around” and has just as many fun and valuable adventures to share with her friends! So along with all of your wedding, pregnancy, first-steps, and new house stories, I think I’m ready to document some of my journeys throughout this time we call LIFE!

DISCLAIMER… I’m totally new at this and thought it would be a fun way to journal my different experiences! Please don’t expect anything too profound or exciting!