Monday, February 27, 2012

the happy life...

just wanted to share a few things i've been loving lately...

new chick flick... yes please! love it in all of it's cheesiness!

my dearest fiance introduced my to the wonderful cafe at Whole Foods, and honestly it has changed my life... almost as significantly as my fiance ;) but really, it is delicious with a huge and healthy variety.

i went to my fist non-volleyball sporting event at the U... and yes, it changed my life as well. Utah gymnastics is pretty legit, and all 14,000 fans were pretty impressive. another great date night with my fiance!

and i guess i've been kind of busy planning a wedding. June 9th is the day and it can't come soon enough! i can't wait to be sealed to my best friend!
life is great... more updates on spring season, wedding plans, and just the awesomeness of life will be coming later!

peace homies xo